The Kinship Protocol

We are currently still in the process of developing and testing the Kinship Protocol (KP) with our close community. This page will be updated as soon as there is a public version available!


The Kinship Protocol (KP) is a proposed set of shared relational behaviors that we believe are integral to healthy village-making in the modern world.

The KP is based on cultural somatics, an approach to individual and social change that recognizes communities are in fact living beings with bodies and nervous systems that emerge out of the complex networks of relationships that make them up. When we accept that the communities we belong to are organisms capable of experiencing joy and pain, we clearly see that taking responsibility to maintain and repair relationships is a matter of humanity.

This protocol is an expression of this understanding and an agreement to tend well together.


We consider the KP a piece of  ‘human software’ and developing it like an application. Our intention is to continuously update the KP with input from its user community, rather than publish it as a fixed canonical entity.


The KP is inspired by:

  • Organizing principles of animist-indigenous societies
  • Relational somatics and neurobiology 
  • Restorative justice frameworks


We envision the future of the KP project to grow into a community of individuals, collectives, and organizations that are supported by the KP.

For example, this may include: 

  • A therapist that manages their private practice with clients through the KP
  • A collective of artists that have come together to produce a creative project
  • A non-profit organization whose staff and community have all agreed to the KP

Our current intention is to test the KP with a small team of enthusiastic users and develop the appropriate support systems to fulfill our vision.

Planned/possible future developments

  • Feedback sessions with KP participants to talk about how the KP is impacting their lives
  • Regular facilitated restorative justice circles based on cultural somatics to support relational repair
  • The ability for KP participants to freely invite others to the KP
  • Private social network. Note: we are waiting for the community to become comfortable with upholding the KP in their behavior before opening up an online space that can create a whole lot more relational complexity.
  • Introduction of an alternative currency that incentivizes care