The Ritual as Justice School is a school that explores this question: “how do we be in the world in together in good ways amidst the troubles we face?”

To this end, we offer life skills courses and practitioner training programs in emerging approaches to individual and collective healing that holistically integrate somatics, animism, and social change.

Main instructors

Tada Hozumi

Gratitudes for this encounter and blessings to you!

I’m Tada. I’m a developer and practitioner of cultural somatics working out of Unceded Coast Salish Territories (Canadian Pacific North West). At the core of my practice is the understanding that all oppressions, including white supremacy, are energetic ailments of both the individual and cultural body. I believe that individual healing cannot be whole without tending to the cultural, and vice versa, that cultural change cannot be in good faith without tending to all of the bodies that make up the collective.

Some of my lineages in healing are:

  • The schools of modern creative and somatic therapies such as dance movement therapy and expressive arts therapy, the latter which I am certified in through Langara College. (I would also like to acknowledge that these lineages of modern therapy derive their healing power from the traditional practices of cultures of color as well as European folk cultures.)
  • Asian/Japanese ancestral wisdom traditions such as energy healing and martial arts that has come through a lot of self-practice and research.
  • Animist ritual and thought, which I have mostly absorbed through my ongoing collaboration with Dare Sohei.
  • Street dance, particularly ‘popping’, an umbrella term for mechanical street dances that emerged from black and brown communities of the West coast of Turtle Island during the early 1970s.

For a more detailed background on my practice please feel free to go to: Selfishactivist.com

Dare Sohei

I’m Dare based in unceded Chinookan tribal lands (Portland, OR, USA). My people are from the Afro-Caribbean diaspora (Boriken – Puerto Rican, Taino & African), Spain, France, and Switzerland.

I’m a queer mixed-race somatic educator, ancestral healing practitioner, and neurodivergent ritual animist who specializes in helping humans heal relationships with their bodies, the earth, their ancestors, and the more-than-human world. I trained for many years in somatic movement practices, as a dancer/theater maker/trainer on Ohlone land in the SF Bay area, and have a long ongoing study/praxis into the human nervous system and trauma and how that relates to indigenous wisdom and medicine practices.

I come to the work of ancestral healing, and especially to this program, with the experience of someone who comes from a broken mixed-race family with unwell ancestral lineages. As a child to a white mother (French/Swiss) and my father, a Puerto Rican “immigrant” who refused to speak much about his family or heritage, I have navigated firsthand, white and POC ancestral experiences as well as the hinterlands in between.

It is a pleasure to bring the fruits of this learning to the course. Blessings to all beings known and unknown, named and unnamed, who make our lives possible.